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Construction of the Bossuit-Kortrijk canal

Construction of the Bossuit – Kortrijk canal starts with 1,100 men and 40 horses. This is intended to create a shorter connection route for ships from Hainaut to the North Sea. The works took three years to complete.


Pump building start-up

The pump building is put into operation. This was built with bricks from one of the brickworks in Moen, with clay from the sites along the canal and from the Sousterrain tunnel. The building consists of three large parts: a coal warehouse, a room for the generators and a machine room.


Full commissioning of the canal

The entire channel is finally put into operation. King Leopold I himself comes to do the solemn opening.

1914 - 1918


During the World War a lot of damage was caused to the canal. The retreating Germans blew up many bridges and locks.

1939 - 1945


The basement in Moen was used as the German headquarters. Here Göring organized some strategic consultations. Just like in WWI, the bridge crossings were blown up during the withdrawal.


Widening of the canal

A widening of the canal is necessary, larger ships with heavier loads of 1350 tons must be given better passage. This also requires heavier pumps. The old pump building with its pumps was no longer sufficient and was replaced by 2 new pumps: 1 in Bossuit and 1 in Moen

1971 - 1992

Decay of the pump building

In the years that followed, the building was no longer used and fell into disrepair.


A new life for the pump building

The municipal council of Avelgem buys the pump building and serves as the seat of the tourist information center. In addition, the pump building is also the starting point for some beautiful cycling and walking tours, with the added benefit of a catering facility.


Start of the renovation works

The building had not been used since the 1970s and had fallen into disrepair. This ensured that the city was allowed to carry out major renovation work. These lasted until 1999.


Opening of the new pump building

An inter-municipal collaboration started with the opening of the restored pump building. The building also serves as an information office of the West Flemish Leie Region Tourist Information Office.


Move into The Spirits Valley

In 2021, Spirits by Design, Albatross Liquors and Tailor Taste Distillery moved to the Oud Pompgebouw and renamed the site 'The Spirits Valley'

The Spirits Valley

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