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The Spirits Valley



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For centuries, connoisseurs, scholars, mixologists, ... studied the enigmatic features of π and delved into its infinite nature. This in the belief that it held the key to hidden powers. An ancient parchment bearing the hallmark of the Order of Tailor Taste contained the sacred recipe for πcon vin blanc.

Yet the key to deciphering the precise formulation lay in the enigmatic cipher of π. Each number, a clue, leads to the precise proportions of rare herbal and celestial herbs that make up the sacred elixir. As the seekers navigated through the intricate dance of numbers and wine, they realised that the true revelation lay not only in the divine flavour of πcon vin blanc, but in the unity of π and wine - a sacred fusion of the finite and the infinite.

ABV: 16% alc/vol
Volume: 1L
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